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What is the GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test or GMAT® (pronounced GEE-mat) is a computer adaptive standardized test designed to gauge a student’s aptitude for academic success in business school. It is required by most MBA programs and is one of the most important parts of your application package.


What is the GMAT?
The GMAT is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council ( and is a test of general skills: quantitative (math), verbal (grammar, reading, logic), and analytical writing. The test uses a high level of English which is comparable to the level you will need to pursue a top MBA. Your final score will range from 200 to 800 and there are individual scores for quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing. In addition, many top MBAs will look at your percentile ranking in the quantatative and verbal sections.

Do I need the GMAT?
Most top MBA programs require the GMAT. Some schools are beginning to eliminate the need for the GMAT, particularly those offering EMBAs (Executive MBA designed for top managers who will pursue the degree while working full-time). Once you decide on your MBA program, check to see if the GMAT is a requirement.

What score do I need?
Check with the admissions requirements of the school of your choice to see what the minimum GMAT score required is. Many schools do not publish a minimum score because they prefer to evaluate your application as a whole: résumé, essays, and GMAT together. Therefore, to determine the score you need, you should find out the average GMAT score for the school and aim to reach that level. A general rule: If you want to attend one of the top European or American schools, your score should be around 700.

How do I prepare for the GMAT?
You have three options: 1) You can prepare on your own using resources at including their book, The Official GMAT Guide which is the only book featuring real GMAT questions. 2) You can attend a GMAT preparation course at an academy in your area.

Where do I take the GMAT?
The GMAT is offered in thousands of cities around the world every day. In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona are the two most popular testing centers, though it is also offered less frequently in other cities.

How do I register for the GMAT?
You MUST register for the GMAT through When you register you will be able to choose the city where you would like to be tested and you will be required to pay the registration fee using a credit or debit card.

When should I register for the GMAT?
ASAP (As soon as possible)! Testing dates in Madrid and Barcelona fill up quickly. Register as early as possible or you may end up flying to Lisbon or Brussels to take the test. Also, if you do not get the score you need, you have to retake you must wait 31 days. Therefore, if there are doubts about your score, schedule your first date with enough time to let you retake the exam if needed (ie. five to six months before the application deadline).

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