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MBA Application Documents

Applying to a top MBA program is a major investment of time and effort. In addition to your TOEFL® and GMAT® scores and your essays, you’ll need several other documents including: your Academic Transcripts, a one-page CV (résumé) and at least two Letters of Recommendation. You’ll also need to fill out an extensive Application including many questions about your personal details, your career, your education, and your current position. If you choose to apply for a Scholarship, there will be more essays to write and forms to fill out. Finally, once your application has been accepted, you may be asked for an Interview. Of course all of this must be completed in excellent English.

Academic Transcripts:
You must submit official academic transcripts for each university you attended prior to applying to the MBA. This includes undergraduate degrees, master’s programs, and university certificate programs. The transcripts must be official, coming directly from the universities you attended. In addition, if the transcripts are not in English, they must be translated by a sworn translator (jurado). However, be aware that each school has slightly different requirements. Some require a self-reported transcript or a scanned copy of your transcripts until you are accepted.

One-Page CV:
Most MBA programs ask for a one-page CV, called a résumé in the U.S. If you have an English-language CV, MBA Spain will review and edit it to ensure that it has maximum impact. If you do not have an English-language CV, MBA Spain will coach you to help you produce a powerful, impressive one-page CV. In both cases, MBA Spain will ensure that your CV/Resume is targeted specifically for the MBA program of your choice.

Letters of Recommendation:
All top MBA programs ask for at least two Letters of Recommendation (LORs). Recommendations are an integral part of your application and must work together with your essays and professional experience to demonstrate your candidacy. MBA Spain helps candidates pick the right recommenders and creates guidelines for them to follow. We also ensure that the final recommendations support your candidacy.

Application Questions:
Top MBA applications feature several questions about your personal background, work experience, current position, your employer, and extra-curricular activities. MBA Spain will support you as you answer these application questions in a manner that complements your essays and and allows you to present a coherent application package.

Pursuing a top MBA will be one of the most expensive undertakings of your life. Before applying to an MBA program, you can may want to apply to a scholarship such as La Caixa, Talentia, or Fulbright. In addition, all of the top B-schools offer fellowships and scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. If you decide to apply for fellowship or scholarship, MBA Spain can help you write amazing essays that will persuade the selection committee that you are worthy of the scholarship.

Interview Preparation:
Before you receive your acceptance letter to the top MBA of your choice, you’ll be asked to have a face-to-face interview with a representative of the admissions committee. MBA Spain offers exclusive Interview Preparation including mock interviews based on typical MBA interview questions, your unique profile, and the MBA program you are applying to.

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