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MBA Coaching in Madrid

MBA Spain offers an individualized coaching service. We work one-to-one with Spanish MBA applicants to help them prepare all aspects of their MBA application. We call our services "coaching" because we "coach" applicants to help them discover the best aspects of their profile and how to apply them to their MBA application process.

MBA Coaching with MBA Spain will:

  • Evaluate your profile for top MBA programs
  • Choose top MBA programs suited for your goals
  • Develop a personalized timeline for your MBA applications
  • Brainstorm, edit, and perfect your MBA essays
  • Edit and refine all your MBA Documents
  • Help you prepare a very strong application
  • Motivate and support you throughout the MBA application
  • Provide unlimited email and phone support
  • Connect you with Spanish MBA students and alumni
  • Provide you with extensive on-line resources such as the MBA Spain blog
  • Assist with GMAT and TOEFL preparation

Initial MBA Consultation:
MBA Coaching with MBA Spain begins with a two hour initial consultancy which includes an in-depth personal interview and review of your CV, background, and goals. This is normally done face-to-face, but we have had very satisfied clients in Barcelona, Lisbon, London, and Shanghai. In such cases, the initial consultancy is held via email and telephone.

MBA Essay Coaching:
MBA Coaching with MBA Spain is a tailored, strategic, powerful tool that is unique in Spain. We work one-on-one with you to create dynamic essays that stand out from the thousands of applicants who are applying for the very few spots at the top MBA schools.

Additional MBA Documents:
MBA Spain will help you through all aspects of the application: Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Application Questions, Interviews, Scholarships, and anything else required to apply for a top MBA

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