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15 de July de 2013 - 11:14h.

Top MBA Visits to Madrid, Spain & Europe

One of the best ways to get to know a top MBA program is to attend an event in your hometown.

Between July and November, the world’s most elite programs host all kinds of events all over the world. From formal Admissions Presentations to informal Student Chats, these local events will not only give you an in-depth understanding of the MBA program, but it will provide a spectacular networking opportunity to meet current students, alumni and admissions representatives.

Of course the big question on everyone’s mind is–Will attending an information session improve my chances of getting admitted?  And the answer is—maybe (isn’t that the answer to so many MBA admissions questions!).

While attending an MBA session is not required as part of your application process, you will be much more informed about the school if you do. And being informed about the school will let you make intelligent decisions about where to apply. It will also help you write more effective and relevant application essays.  On the other hand, every online MBA application has a place reserved for you to indicated which events you have attended. Do you really want to leave that blank?

MBA Events Protocol: Before any MBA information event, you should do a bit of R&R: research and reflection. Do some research on the school and identify any questions you would like to ask. Do some reflection on yourself, why you want an MBA and what you hope to achieve in your career.

Dresscode: As most events happen shortly after working hours, the majority of attendees will be in work clothes—usually a suit for men, and a nice outfit for women. If you do not work in such a formal environment, it is fine to show up in business casual attire. If the event is with students or on a weekend, you can be a bit more informal.

Network: Be outgoing! Smile! Meet people! Especially the local alumni and students in attendance–introduce yourself and get their business cards. Follow up a few days later to ask for an informal chat. Alumni love to share their experiences and they also remember clearly when they were in your shoes. Also, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the admissions members in attendance. They are happy to meet you. This is especially relevant if you are in the process of applying. Let them know, thank them for their time, share your enthusiasm for the program. Remember, they are part of the team that will decide on your admission!

Bookmark the following links and sign up for as many events as possible and Buena Suerte!

Chicago Booth:




MIT Sloan:

Stanford GSB:


UC Berkeley Haas:

UCLA Anderson:

Wharton: (check Admissions Receptions AND Coffee Chats)

Yale SOM:







22 de August de 2012 - 4:33h.

MBA Visitas en Madrid y Barcelona

Tuck Student Ambassador Coffee Chat

Tuesday, September 4, 19:00

Pastelerias Mallorca
Calle Serrano, 6


Chicago Booth Student Event

Wednesday September 5, 20:00

Placa de Francesc Macia, 7


Kellogg Student Ambassador Event

Monday, September 10, 19:30

Torre Picasso, Plz Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1


Columbia Business School

Tuesday, September 11, 19:30

McKinsey & Company
c/ Sagasta 33


Stanford GSB

Wednesday, September 12, 19:00

The Boston Consulting Group
Calle Alcala 95


MIT Sloan

Tuesday September 13, 20:00

Hotel Hesperia Madrid
Paseo de la Castellana, 57.


Harvard Business School

Tuesday September 13, 19:00

Fundación Rafael del Pino
C/ Rafael Calvo, 39



Tuesday September 25, 19:00

Bain & Company
Edificio Puerta de Europa, Torre Este
Paseo de la Castellana 216


Indian School of Business Coffee Chat

Thursday, September 20, 17:00

Calle Jose Ortega y Gasset, 29


Chicago Booth

Thursday October 4, 19:00

Fundación Rafael del Pino
C/ Rafael Calvo, 39


UC Berkeley Haas

Monday October 15, 18:30

Fundación Rafael del Pino
C/ Rafael Calvo, 39


Darden (UVa)

Tuesday October 16, 21:00

Intercontinental Hotel
Pso. Castellana, 49


y fuera de españa:

Wharton, NYU Stern, Ross, Cornell, Duke, Yale SOM IMD y más

Saturday September 22

MBA2U Fair
Brussels, Belgium

31 de July de 2012 - 7:40h.

mbaSpain estadísticas para la Clase del 2014

los alumnos españoles del mbaSpain han sido ACCEPTED para la Clase de 2014 en los siguentes programas MBA:

INSEAD (5 students)
Harvard Business School (3 students)
Columbia (3 students)
London Business School (3 students)
Chicago Booth (2 students)
Wharton (2 students)
IESE (2 students)
HEC Paris (2 students)
Kellogg (2 students)
Haas (1)
IMD (1)
MIT Sloan (1)
Judge at Cambridge (1)
Babson  (1)
Boston University (1)
Georgetown (1)
Baruch CUNY (1)
IE Business School (1)

9 de February de 2012 - 6:05h.

mbaSeminario GRATIS en Barcelona 29 Marzo a las 20:00

Cómo conseguir un top MBA en 10 pasos!

Un seminario gratis con Candy Lee LaBalle de mbaSpain, el único coaching MBA solamente dedicado a ayudar a candidatos españoles a conseguir el sueño de cursar un Top MBA. “Ya he ayudado más de 180 españoles a entrar en los top MBAs cómo Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Kellogg, Duke, Insead, London Business School…”

jueves, 29 de marzo, a las 20:00 en C/Balmes 188, 6º2ª (Barcelona)

1: Timeline
2: Which MBA
3: Fit
4: Transcripts
6: Letters of Recommendation
7: Essays
8: CV/Resume
9: Online Applications
10: Interviews

Reserva tu plaza antes de 20 de febrero

por email: o télefono: 610 064 964 / 91 685 09 70. Plazas son muy limitadas.

¿Qué es mbaSpain?

Somos mucho más que un servicio de edición o un asesor de MBA, somos tu sistema de apoyo, tu Coach durante todo el proceso de solicitar un MBA. Estaremos contigo desde el primer paso hasta llegar a “SUBMIT”. Por email o por teléfono, mbaSpain estará allí para tí, 7 días a la semana, siempre que tengas una pregunta, una duda, o solo quieras hablar de proceso.

“mbaSpain me acompañó en todo el proceso de solicitud, animándome en los momentos más difíciles, sufriendo conmigo la espera de noticias por parte de las universidades y alegrándose con cada una de las admisiones.” Carmen, admitido en Haas y Tuck, Class of 2013

mbaSpain es la única organización en España confirmada por AIGAC, La Asociación Internacional de Consultoría de Admisiones de Postgrado.

11 de August de 2010 - 17:28h.

Aprende más sobre los top MBA

Agosto es el tiempo perfecto para aprender más sobre los programas MBA. Una fuente imprescindible para “insider information” son los blogs. Los “adcoms” igual que los estudiantes tienen blogs sobre el proceso de solicitud y dan consejos sobre todo. Desde cartas de referencia, hasta las últimas investigaciones de los profesores. Otras b-schools ofrecen sus consejos a través de RSS feeds o Podcasts. Aquí presentamos una breve lista de algunos blogs, RSS y Podcasts:

Chicago Booth MBA y

Columbia MBA RSS Feed

Harvard Business School MBA

Kellogg Admissions RSS feed:

London Business School MBA

MIT Sloan MBA Student Journals

NYU Stern MBA Podcasts

Stanford MBA

Tuck MBA

UC Berkeley Haas MBA Blogs

UCLA Anderson MBA

Wharton MBA y


Financial Times también publica various blogs de estudiantes MBA:


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