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4 de April de 2014 - 7:38h.

AWA Preparation & MBA Application Support

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Every other Thursday, in Madrid, Candy Lee LaBalle, MBA Admissions Coach (and former GMAT verbal teacher), who has helped 192 students enter top MBAs (9 at HBS, 15 at Wharton, 21 at INSEAD, etc…), will present two sessions relevant to your MBA ambitions:

The AWA of the GMAT

  • What is the AWA
  • How important is the AWA to your MBA application
  • How to write the AWA essay for a maximum score

MBA Admissions Q&A

  • What MBA is right for you
  • Defining an MBA timeline
  • Key aspects of an MBA application

2014 Dates: Every other Thursday, from 20:15 to 22:00

  • April 24
  • May 8
  • May 22
  • June 5
  • June 19
  • July 3
  • July 17
  • July 31
  • Sept 11
  • Sept 25

WHERE: C/Velazquez 119, 2A (Madrid, corner of María de Molina), Metro Gregorio Marañon, Avda América or Nuñez de Balboa; Parking at C/ María de Molina, 48

MATERIALES: All materials will be provided to you. You MUST bring a Laptop in order to write your practice essays during the class.

PRICE: Free for all GMAT students of GMATclasses or Kevin Armstrong. Free for all mbaSpain clients. 25 Euros for everyone else.

REGISTRATION: you must register directly at; only six students per session.

28 de January de 2014 - 15:55h.

Round 2 Decision Dates & MBA Interviews

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If you applied in Round 2 to your dream MBA, you are probably nervously awaiting a decision. Below are the final decision dates for the top US and EU schools. However, before you arrive to that date, you will hopefully get called for an Interview; very few schools admit students without an interview. To prepare for that exciting day, I am offering a one-time only MBA Interview Preparation Seminar on Friday, 07 February 2014 in Madrid. Topics will include:

-Different Interview Types (blind/non-blind; individual/group; alumni/adcom)
-Common Interview Questions, Behavioural & Unexpected Questions
-Overcoming Weaknesses
-Controlling your Message
-Specific School Requirements

Seminar Cost is 65 euros and seats are very limited. Reserve by emailing:

ROUND 2 Decision Dates


27 de January de 2014 - 16:59h.

Cursos de TOEFL 2014

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TOEFL: Weekend Intensivo = 12 horas, 4 sesiones, 2 fin de semanas

 Nuestros cursos de TOEFL son:

  • Especializados para MBA
  • Especializados para diferentes niveles
  • Enfocados en Speaking y Writing

Nuestros cursos de TOEFL incluyen:

  • Libro propio de mbaSpain
  • Apoyo personalizado
  • Acceso a una base de datos con mucho material

Las próximas fechas:

Curso de marzo / abril (M14)

  • sábado 29 marzo, 1700-2000
  • domingo 30 marzo, 1700-2000
  • sábado 5 abril, 1700-2000
  • domingo 6 abril, 1700-2000

DONDE: C/Velazquez 119, 2A (Madrid, esq con María de Molina)

MATERIALES: En clase, utilizarán un libro exclusivo, diseñado para los españoles que hacen el TOEFL por mbaSpain (incluido en el precio)

Para practicas y deberes, usarán el Cambridge TOEFL CD ROM con 7 exámenes (puedes comprarlo en, Librería Pasajes en C/Genova, 3, por unos 25 EU, o en el primer día del clase por 20 EU con reserva).

PRECIO/PAGO: 275 el primer día del clase.

MÁS INFO: or 610 064 964

16 de January de 2014 - 9:48h.

MBA Interview Preparation

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Now that round 2 of the MBA application season is over, you can finally relax! NO, not really!! It is time to prepare for your MBA interviews! Hopefully, if you made a strong application, in just a week or two you will be getting an Invitation to Interview.

The interview is an essential part of the MBA application process. Here is a general breakdown of how it works at most schools:

1) the admissions committee recieves thousands of applications
2) they review the applications and reduce them to a small select group who will be interviewed
3) from that pool of interviewed applicants, more than half will be admitted to the MBA

So, if you are invited to interview, your odds of admission went from very small (just 7% at Stanford, 11.5% at Harvard, 20% at Wharton) to much higher, generally more than 50% possibility of being admitted.

Getting invited to interview means two things for you (the applicant):

1) the admissions committee likes you so far! your profile is good enough for admittance into the school and now they want to know you a bit more.
2) you still have work to do! That brings us to this article:

You MUST prepare your MBA interview carefully.

Being invited to interview is a great sign, it is a confirmation that you have what it takes to succeed in the MBA program, but you are still facing 50/50 odds. You can improve those odds by preparing your interview: understand the type of interview you will have (blind, non-blind), with whom (alumni, adcom member, 3rd party), where (on campus, in your hometown, by Skype), in group or single, etc. Once you understand these facts, you must prepare accordingly: know your application inside and out, study your CV, prepare interview questions and practice, practice, practice.

To help you succeed in your MBA interview, expert MBA admissions coach Candy Lee LaBalle is offering an exclusive MBA Interview Seminar on Friday, 07 February 2014. This seminar will cover:

-Different Interview Types (blind/non-blind; individual/group)
-Alumni v. Adcom Interviews
-Common Interview Questions
-Behavioural Questions + STAR
-Preparing an Interview Matrix
-Dealing with Unexpected Questions
-Focusing on the Positive
-Overcoming Weaknesses
-Controlling your Message
-Specific School Requirements

Seminar Cost is 65 euros and seats are very limited.

Reserve now by emailing:









15 de January de 2014 - 10:21h.

TOEFL for MBA: Jan 2014

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mbaSpain presents an 18-hour TOEFL course specifically for MBA students who need to score 100 points or more on the TOEFL exam.

DATES: 21 and 23 January, 28 and 30 January, 4 and 6 February.

TIME: 19:30 to 22:30

WHERE: C/Velazquez 119, 2A (Madrid, esq con María de Molina)

COST is 320 euros (free registration + class materials)





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